SABQ eNewspaper

To ensure seamless, real-time availability of news, SABQ, the popular e-Newspaper in the region, has chosen to partner with Ibtikar Technologies. We proved to be up to the challenge and could successfully move SABQ to the digital world with a cutting-edge, responsive website, backed up with our secure and powerful CMS, Glance. In addition to the unique web portal, Ibtikar has backed SABQ with mobile applications for the iOS, Android, Windows Phone as well as BlackBerry platforms.

SABQ hoped they could find a solution that could help them achieve a close simulation of the workflow inside their news institution, and enable them to manage and control all content from a focal system. With Ibtikar, they could discover the great potentials of Glance. Ibtikar could win that trust by exceeding their expectations which helped us build a strong partnership with this leading newspaper.

Ibtikar gifted SABQ with an unparalleled news portal that supports an abundance of features including and not limited to:

1-Sabq E-newspaper portal

A news site that has the latest specifications and is fully compatible with all the smart devices. The site displays content in a way that makes it easier for the reader to access it, navigate between different classifications, and interact with content in a personal way.

2- Content management system

It is a smart, powerful and integrated system that helps editors and journalists to publish, manage and archive news content and provide them with many features that help them succeed in their online newspapers.

3- Smartphone applications

In addition to its website, ibtikar has developed and launched smartphone applications on the iPhone, Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry platforms.

Through this integrated set of solutions, it has been able to achieve a wider spread of news at the time of occurrence and in a reliable manner. It has also been able to obtain effective tools that enable it to deploy and manage content effectively and efficiently. The characteristics of the platform are:

  • Publish and manage news content.
  • Display content with great design.
  • The ability to interact with news whether by commenting or admiring.
  • The possibility of registering a membership in the newspaper.
  • You can store and read news at a later time without having to connect to the Internet.
  • Share news and photos across social media sites, mail, and text messages.
  • Voting and management of events
  • The possibility of introducing a news where the newspaper editors review, revise and publish.

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