The Official App of IMAM University

The official mobile application of the Imam Muhammad Bin Saud Islamic University is yet another innovative app that has been developed by Ibtikar Technologies. The application provides many services to university staff, students, and even visitors and many others. The app services as a portal for the most important news, announcements and events of the university.

Application features:

  • Facilitate students’ access to the University’s systems and digital library.
  • Students can view their courses, their credit hours, and cumulative rate.
  • Provide university maps and telephone directory.
  • Provide lecture timetables as well as academic calendar.
  • List important services to students such as student information, grades, exam schedule and others.

The application also provides services to the faculty and university staff including:

  • Check and inquire about salaries and allowances.
  • Check the dates and duration of official holidays.
  • A communication channel for inquiries and questions.
  • Full electronic management of student files.
  • Check the attendance of both students and staff.

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