Hi10 Mobile App

Hi10 is a mini social network that enables users to record their personal and professional achievements and share them with friends and family. The app also enables its users to review the achievements of others, and encourage them by commenting and interacting with them.

Everyone of us has several achievements accomplished during his life, but unless a person writes them down, they will be forgotten. Hi10 app helps revive the achievements we attain in life. The app helps its users maintain their achievements and make others read and remember them. The best way to make the world notice your existence and your positive contribution is by sharing your achievements. Also, it will encourage others to achieve their goals in all aspects of life.

The application is available on the iPhone and Android platforms.

The application is available on the iPhone and Android platforms.

Some of the unique features of the app are:

  • Users can identify major goals and the milestones towards achieving each goal.
  • They get points for reaching milestones and when others interact with their achievements.
  • They get more points for achieving each of their goals.
  • Users can share their milestones, goals and achievements with friends and family.
  • The app users can follow each other.
  • The total score is calculated and a leaderboard is announced on a weekly basis.

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