Bareedo® Sharing Economy App

Reinforcing the concept and the trend of sharing economy, Ibtikar Technologies has helped Bareedo® launch their first package shipping and package tracking mobile app. The app provides a safe, reliable and hassle-free package transfer service that is available to end users at the palm of their hands. Bareedo® app does so simply by availing a digital match-making platform between those who need the service and those who can provide it.
Bareedo® is a complete solution that was developed by Ibtikar Technologies and consists of:

  1. The users’ app, which enables users to request and pay for the package shipping service
  2. Partners app, which enables qualified drivers to deliver service and earn money
  3. A sophisticated dashboard that provides the business owner with immense data for better decision making
Sharing economy app

Basic features of the app include:

  • Users can make immediate requests for package transfer
  • They can perform real-time GPS tracking of packages while en route to the destination.
  • Users can pay by Credit Card, cash on delivery, or by using Bareedo® balance
  • Partners can accept and fulfill requests and receive payment for delivered service
  • Both parties can benefit from a user-based rating system to control service quality
  • Both users and partners can review past requests in the application history and transactions made

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