The Official App of the Saudi General Authority of Meteorology(Arsad)

Arsad is the official application of the General Authority of Meteorology and Environmental Protection in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The app was developed by Ibtikar Technologies and is the first application that predicts the weather in the cities of the Kingdom. Arsad provides detailed forecasts of the weather conditions with rapid, real-time updates.

In addition to weather forecasts, which users can get for up to five days in advance, the app also provides its users with advanced, user-friendly, animated maps, as well as radars and satellites views. Arsad is quite characterized for its remarkably intuitive interface and outstanding design.

تطبيق الهيئة العامة للأرصاد

Arsad app fosters the importance of the role of the Authority of Meteorology as an official source of meteorological information in the Kingdom. Some of the amazing features of the application are:

  • Making accurate and real-time weather forecasts available for the cities of the Kingdom.
  • Providing weather details for user’s current location or according to the user’s choice and preferences.
  • Availing maps with early warning indicators.
  • Presenting weather data in a visual manner from radars and satellites readings.
  • Displaying detailed screens for warnings and critical situations of weather conditions fluctuations within the Kingdom.
  • Sending instant alerts of warning when needed.
  • The ability to customize alerts according to user preferences.
  • The application is self-adaptive to display the pilgrimage and holy places weather forecasts.

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