Allimni App For Push Notifications  And Instant Messaging Management

Allimni is a mobile application that was built to serve governments and business owners. The app enables such parties to send messages and notifications to the exact audience that is interested in their updates. Examples of such audience segments include: clients, auditors, job applicants and others. All they need to do is downloading the application for free and subscribing to the relevant entity from which they wish to receive updates. Allimni app is capable of achieving maximum effectiveness in communicating with the target audience in the easiest manner and for the lowest costs.

The application was developed for ELM company which specializes in e-Services, technical solutions and business development in the Kingdom. The main characteristics of the application include:

  • The ability to target recipient of notifications and messages based on their geographical location.
  • The ability to choose whether to send a private message to a particular recipient or to all subscribers.
  • Unlimited message size and characters count.
  • The ability to attach files as photos, video and audio.
  • The possibility of adding events and determining the location and date of each.
  • The power of reducing costs by intelligently identifying the sender’s identity through the telephone number, sending free notifications for subscribers and short SMSes to non-subscribers
  • Ease of integration with any existing system through API

Additionally, Allimni providers a control panel to the governments and businesses to help them follow up on the messages and notifications sent and track whether they have been received or not, and also if they have been read. It also enables them to add users and give them privileges to accomplish their tasks.

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