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The core idea of the mobile application of Akly was one of the most challenging endeavors for Ibtikar team. Upon meeting up with Akly’s team, Ibtikar team members were super enthusiastic about working on an application based primarily on the concept of shared economy and mutual benefit. Furthermore, Akly team has taken on a new dimension with the idea of their unique application through enabling end users to discover the best home chefs and order their favorite dishes. On the other hand, the application provides home cooks with an effective channel to market and sell their services and to just focus on their talent at cooking without having to shoulder additional burdens.

In a nutshell, Akly serves as a marketplace to match demand and supply of food-ordering and catering in the UAE, provided by Ibtikar for both the iOS and Android platforms, localized in both Arabic and English. The application allows users to view lists of gourmet dishes, make orders, rate chefs and meals, track the status of their orders through the application until it arrives, and pay through the application. Akly also provides chefs an extremely easy and effective way to create an easy source of income.

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