is an innovative solution that allows developers and marketers to acquire one unique Link on all platforms for their application. A state-of-the-art URL shortener for mobile apps and mobile app marketers, is the only place you will be stopping by when launching your next mobile app.

Who needs

When promoting or advertising an application, there is always the issue of having to create and publicize a different link per each platform your application is featured on.

With user attention spans getting shorter and shorter, you cannot afford to lose your users by sending them to go through a list of links to find the relevant platform for their devices.

In comes, a URL shortener for mobile apps that creates one unique short link that applies to all platforms and store, meaning it will automatically take each user to their relevant platform by identifying their smart-phone type on the spot.


  • One Unique Link for your application

Forget about creating multiple links per each platform you are launching your application on, it is basically one link fits all. Want to brand the short URL or LINK with your product’s name? That is easily done with this url shortener for mobile apps.

  • Marketing Help? Done! will create a unique web page for each application you release, which means you don’t need to bother with designing, developing, launching and monitoring web pages to streamline your marketing activities and getting optimum reach.

  • QR Codes? Check!

On, you can create a unique QR Code easily scan-able for online and offline users to find and download your application in no time.

  • Insights land within your Fingertips also provides complete insights related to the performance of your application, such as analytics related to the numbers and dates of visits, how each platform is performing, the locations of users, browser types used to access your link and the source of each visit among many other wonderful insights needed to scale and further develop your product.

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  • 1.1 Million Hits

  • 3 Thousand Mobile Apps Launches

  • 1.5 Thousand Links Created by App Developers/Marketers is not just a URL shortener for mobile apps, it is a revolutionary solution that will truly take your mobile app to the next phase with less time spent, less cost and more insights and analytic at your fingertips.