Glance in a Glance

The first enterprise content management system in the region, explore Glance; your ultimate publishing platform.

We, at Ibtikar, know Glance is an outstanding content management system (CMS), it is about time you did too!

Glance is a scalable, dynamic and groundbreaking enterprise content management system, a digital publishing platform that caters to the needs of readers, users, publishers, advertisers and anyone involved or interested in the Digital Publishing arena. Glance is designed for the future with the present needs of all publishers in mind. From News Portals, blogs, magazines to publishing-based applications, Glance is your go-to CMS.


Why you should be using Glance as your content management system?


1- One Stop Shop

Glance has a state-of-the-art, tech-enabled scalable backend that allows this enterprise content management system to support all platforms and integrate with the widest range of plugins, widgets and APIs.

2-Dynamically Growing

Ibtikar has built Glance from scratch and continues to add features and enhance live features to allow this enterprise content management system to cater for the all the needs and demands of publishers.

3-Built for Life

Not to just enhance your current publishing related venture, Glance is designed to still be your publishing platform decades from now.

4-18 Different Modules and counting

Choose the modules that serve your current needs and upgrade to other modules as your readers and subscribers base grows significantly with Glance.

5-Customize=One Click

This enterprise content management system is dynamically designed to be configured according to any possibility you may face.

6-Localization Matters

Depending on your target audience, Glance allows you to localize the interface in 8 different languages including Arabic.

7-Geo-Location based content creation

Readers will automatically view content based on their current location, you can deliver the exact content that appeals to their daily lives, making your content automatically irresistible.


8- Your tool to growing your business

With social logins, social sharing, rating, polls and a cutting edge comments management system, your content will go beyond viral taking your business to the top of the list.

9-Instant Delivery

In a few hours, your e-publishing portal or app will be up in running, no more months waiting for slowly built enterprise content management systems to keep up with your needs.

10-Security at the Forefront

This unique CMS is tested daily and is always protected against possible breaches, hacking attacks or violations.

11-Your Team, Your rules!

With a seamless workflow process, all publishing related functions from pitching, reporting, auditing, optimizing, proofreading to finally publishing are done effectively, in real time with team roles and permissions clearly defined.

12- All Forms of Content at your fingertips

It is not just words that you can publish, with Glance’s intuitive scalable abilities you can publish written and visual content in no time. From photos, videos, slideshows to storyboards, Glance is one enterprise content management system that has got you covered.

The quest to integrate an enterprise content management system is no easy feat. We understand, first hand, how publishing needs are multi-layered and ever-changing and how the Digital Publishing industry has its own special needs that must be catered to quickly, efficiently, dynamically and seamlessly. Ibtikar has build Glance with all those needs and requirements in mind and promises you a true one stop shop for all your digital publishing needs.

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