Thinking Digital? Think Squad!


20 Jan

Photo by Marvin Meyer on Unsplash

Photo by Marvin Meyer on Unsplash

How Squad is exactly what you need to get your project digitized?

If you’re considering digitizing your business, know the facts! With billions of app downloads happening daily, we can say that digital is everything a business aspires to become. In this article, we’ll talk about how businesses shifted tremendously after going digitally, how not all business are meant for the virtual world and how today exists one tool that would help you analyse all this easier, faster and even cheaper.

Where your road is leading you?

While familiarly all roads lead to Rome, this one would lead to something far greater! Doing all the math, we’ve found that since 2017 start-ups have been racing to get their businesses put in an app, hoping it would help them reach more audience and eventually earn them all the ROI they seek. But let’s get real, if you’re building an app for that sole purpose, then we need to be honest here, it’s not going to work!

An application needs to be dedicated for the company’s identity and built for the company’s customers. Help create a sense of loyalty and familiarity with the brand to eventually spread and become the most convenient solution a company can offer its customers in the industry. While this would be offering a pretty strong competitive advantage, let’s think PRESENCE! You will be out there, showing, cooping and most importantly dominating. Billions of downloads, billions of users and great, wide market! What’s not to love?


Photo by Helloquence on Unsplash

This is it, get your engine on!

Once you know the road, it’s only suitable to let your engine roar! Whether your business is a start-up, mid-sized or even a corporate, we’ll help you with the know-hows every business needs to get the digital badge of honor. First, let me ask you this: Does your business really need an app? Well, to answer that, you need to know a couple of things:

First, it’s all about what you have to offer! Is there a better way to deliver your services? A better way for your customers to use your services? Today, businesses compete on nothing more than simply being convenient. If creating an application for your business is what it takes to be convenient for your customers, do it!

Second, when all the same, run! Just kidding. I know that being in an industry already full of its supporting apps, it could get intimidating to add something of your own. But trust me, it’s totally okay to be similar to the ones acing the market, but what you could actually do, is add something extra! That could serve your loyal customers, a feature that’s only provided through your app, or even a completely different and more convenient user-experience interface.

Why Squad is the answer?

Now that you’re ready to wear your digital badge of honor, let me introduce you to Squad! If you’re not familiar with Squad, I’ll give you the pointers you need to get your app up and running. Squad is a management program designed by Ibtikar’s Innovations to help business owners and entrepreneurs get started digitally without worrying about all the hows! How to manage, how to hire and how to spend.

Squad is simply:

  • The interface of your project! Building a solid, digital infrastructure is what squad does
    to guarantee a strong, competitive application launch.
  • The team your project needs! Squad’s job is to get you a team of the best developers
    to design and develop superiority over other competitors in the market.
  • The system that always wins! Squad is not designed to stop at the creation process, it was designed to follow up, observe and evolve each and every outcome to guarantee perfect-like results.
  • The security your project requires! Squad represents the shield your project needs against any internal and external factors, making sure the process of creating your application is smooth and steady.

You can always Contact us to know our installment system and how it would help you reach your target with the most efficient ways possible.

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