Things You Didn’t Know Existed on Your Social Media Apps!


20 Jan

Photo by NordWood Themes on Unsplash

Inside every social media application lies secrets we never realized, features and options that might turn our streaming experience upside down! Have you ever wondered if you’re actually using your social media apps to the fullest? Well, in this article we’ll talk about the hidden gems of each social media app, Facebook, Instagram and twitter.


  1. If you’re a grand marketeer, you’re gonna love this! Facebook’s instant articles ad policies allow ads including video and text at the bottom of content and pre-roll ads. Which helps marketers generate revenue a lot easier.
  2. We’re not the only ones who glorify Fridays! Posts that are published on Friday get more impressions and engagement, and videos posted on that day get more views than any other day! Let’s all glorify Friday some more, shall we?
  3. If you’re still wondering what should your Facebook’s page interaction rate be, just note down the number of fans and refer to the table below:
  4. Ever wondered if there’d be any effect of a number on your URL? Well, apparently if you added the number ‘4’ to the end of any URL, you’ll go straight to Mark Zuckerberg’s wall.
  5. Each post on Facebook is given a relevancy score! Which means, the more relevant your post is to your fans’ news-feed of interests, the better chance for them to actually see it.


  1. Good news for live streamers! You don’t need to have a periscope app to watch live streams. A new feature on twitter allows you to watch periscope directly within their feeds.
  2. Have you ever hangtag a tweet?! Well, apparently an empty hashtag at the end of a tweet is called ‘Hangtag’. Cute, right?
  3. Twitter is becoming the ultimate customer support platform! So, if you’re thinking of marketing for your business on Twitter, then use it as your platform to offer your customers support.
  4. Wanna succeed as a marketer on Twitter? Focus on the average response time!
  5. According to Statistics, Twitter is most popular among young adults! Sure this will help every marketer’s positioning process.


  1. If you’re looking for the best engagement-driven platform, then get your campaign started on Instagram! As Instagram posts get 308% more engagement than Facebook, and 1,313% more than Twitter.
  2. Set your stopwatch between 6 a.m and 12 P.M! Because that’s the time your posts will get higher engagement rates.
  3. An oldie but still a miracle! Marketers can add up to 5 different Instagram accounts in one app, talk about multi-working-campaigns at the same time!
  4. Here are some of the top hashtags on Instagram to get you going: #Fashion, #LikeforLke, #Friends, #TBT (throwBack To), #WCW (woman Crush Wednesday). Relate your campaign to any of these, and your off for a good ride!

Well, this is all! We’d like to know if you’ve known some of this stuff before! And if you have your own discovery, we ‘ d be happy to know 😉






Elaf Alghamri