The Future of Programming Predicted!


20 Jan

Photo by Kobu Agency on Unsplash

Photo by Kobu Agency on Unsplash

What Would Programming Be like in 10 Years?

Programming is the mother language of today’s creations, so it’s only natural to ask about what could programming offer next? In this article we’ll be quoting the words of analysts in Forrester Market Research Co. located in America. 

Here are some of the insights Jeff Hammond, the company’s vice president and principal analyst, Kristen Sosulski, the author of Data Visualization made simple, and Karen Panetta, an IEEE fellow and dean of graduate engineering at Tufts University have on the matter: 

  • We’re going to see more of AR & VR! 

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According to Jeff Hammond, we’ll be seeing more of VR and AR in the next 10 years. Which will require developers to step up their game by learning new skills that will help them develop those applications. So, we should be expecting everything around us to be an abstract matrix of solutions and experiences. 

  • AI is the future’s answer! 

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Today AI is taking over slowly to become the future plan of every business and every technological solution. And Microsoft has taken a big leap to prove that, as the company added an AI platform in the windows 10 update which helps developers to easier develop apps on the OS on pre-trained machine learning models.

Also, according to Hammond, we’d be seeing a more advanced AI solution tool that would try to predict the developers’ intent to help them express it faster. 

  • Programming will have its own universal language!

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Karen here predicts that programming will have a universal language shared by developers all over the globe, and she describes that it might be something like the alphabet blocks. As developers would be connecting the blocks together to form the functionality they need. 

She predicts that these blocks would take a more visual form of data transformation rather than texts. So, we might be expecting a pretty unique and easy form of languages in the future. 

  • Programming will be more than just coding!

“Developers would need to learn more skills in data analysis.” That’s what Kristen Sosulski stated. Meaning that programming in the future would require analytical skills than coding skills. She also added, “Everything from statistical data analysis, non-linear and linear data analysis to machine learning and even artificial intelligence.” 

  • Programming will enter the future educational curriculum!

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According to Karen Banetta, the education system will be witnessing a new subject, which is programming! It would carry the same importance as any other subject in the educational curriculum. Supporting bannetta’s expectations, Kristen Sosulski advice those who are interested in becoming a developer to start with an object-oriented programming language like Python as a foundation to start with then build on. 

All these were predictions by professionals in the market research industry, but what could really happen might surpass these expectations, as there are no limitations to what technology has laid ahead for us. 





Elaf Alghamri