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About Us

Why us?

Our gravitational force is formulated in many elements.

Apps that dominate

Our most gravitational element is the applications we create! With total domination, Ibtikar continues to land successful launches all over the market. Taking the MENA region as the takeoff point for tomorrow’s technologies.

Simulation That Never Fails

When we say simulation, we actually mean commencement! Our astronauts treat every simulation process as the real deal, leaving every application launch with zero errors, zero fails and zero redoes.

Impenetrable power shield

Some may need Morse code to sleep at night, but not us! Ibtikar’s power shield doesn’t only protect us from the outside threat, but it also protects every single piece of data we have for our clients.

Agile, Re-invented

Our very own flight system ‘Scrum Agile methodology’ is a living proof that our fleet is always on the go with different, efficient and new flying methodologies. Re-inventing the whole software management system.

Round the Clock Radar

Our fleet works on rich, fresh data as a fuel. Making sure that every insignificant movement is detected immediately. Allowing our crew to observe, report then react with what’s best to each and every client.

E-Newspaper, Mastered

Mastering its own E-newspaper, Ibtikar didn’t stop there! In fact, our fleet went all the way to becoming the best at constructing steady and trending E-newspapers. Making more than one memorable space-stop including Sabq.

Above and Beyond Action

Never settling for a limit! Ibtikar’s crew is out and about covering different corners of space. Working on Android, iOS (iPhone/iPad), Windows Phone 10, Blackberry and HTML, creating native applications, enterprise web applications and content management systems.

Everything, Everything

Solid crew, solid services! Ibtikar’s crew flies its fleet on diversity. Providing different services covering the galaxies and beyond. Starting with software development, design, business management, and research.

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