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Greatness can’t be captured in one form! Ibtikar is all over the space creating what every business and user needs when it comes to software and mobile Apps.

Buckle up and Suit up!

Orbiting the millennial and spacing through technologies has always been our thing!

We have the ability to utilize the design elements in order to serve the end users of the applications we develop. We analyze the business requirements and the target market before we decide on which approach to pursue in order to deliver vital system functions and features in style.

Our deep knowledge of the Arabic culture and the preferences of the Arab users on the one hand and our involvement with the latest trends in software development on the other hand have always enabled us to inspire our followers, provide a great experience for the end-users of our applications and fulfill our commitments to our customers time .

we adopt a test-driven development approach where we commence the involvement of the quality-control engineers at an early stage of the development process, inspiring a culture of quality, which made us able to meet our commitments with our customers on time and within budget.

Our aspiration is beyond the horizon, our sense of belonging to this Arab land, and the confidence in our capabilities make us committed to quality.. make us challenge ourselves to reach new heights. Be our partners in innovation! Be Ibtikarians!


To those who dare to break-free and create, Squad is what will give you the push you need. Get ready to invade your market and leave your own technological mark!

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Our Talks

All the current happenings and future ones are covered using informative facts for those who are passionate about tech and business.

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