About us

The Story of Innovation of a software company in Saudi Arabia , otherwise known as “Ibtikar”…

Six Years ago, a group of visionaries decided to create a software company in Saudi Arabia with the sole focus of making technology solutions accessible, easier and scale-able, Ibtikar Technologies was subsequently born and has grown to become the leading software company in Saudi Arabia and the entire MENA Region.

With strategic partnerships and a plethora of clients, the Ibtikar family has over 70 employees across three branches and has released innovative applications and solutions over Apple, Google and Windows Phone app stores serving all sorts of clients, users and industry leaders.

Risk takers by birth and innovators for a living; the Ibtikar team uses the values of commitment, invention, creativity and practicality to turn ideas into tangible technology enabled solutions.

With a constant focus on hiring the best, working with the best and delivering the best, Ibtikar Technologies is your gateway to your next success story if you are on the market for a software company in Saudi Arabia or anywhere in the MENA region.

The Team

Honestly, there are two things we are proud of at Ibtikar, the first being our excellent relationship and commitment with our clients and the second being our awesome team, the ones who rock every day, create every day, solve problems every day and re-define the word challenge every day.

Our team wakes up with one Mantra every day: How am I going to create something that is both awesome and easily use-able and applicable. Every team member is a geek at heart who loves nothing more than bringing something new and inventive to Ibtikar, the leading software company in Saudi Arabia.

And because we deliver dynamic scalable solutions, our team is comprised of skilled professionals driven by pure love for technology. The magic happens every day at the Ibtikar office and the culture revolves around creating and implementing new tools to enhance the performance of the Ibtikar magicians.

Our team is an extension of our overall culture, to innovate, create and to allow technology magic to happen seamlessly.

Why Ibtikar?

Roughly quoting Shakespeare (we are poetic like that!)  Let us count the ways!

  • We got E-News!

Ibtikar has acquired the latest and best sources and experience in creating e-news portals and e-news content management solutions. We have developed our own groundbreaking e-news CMS, Glance, which has evolved from the exact needs of big publishers. Learn more about it here!

  • We have launched E-Newspapers!

Ibtikar has been, and still is, the leading software company in Saudi Arabia and is constantly and successfully capable of launching the top e-newspapers in the region. We create portals and systems bringing content easily, seamlessly, reliably and outstandingly every single day.

  • We have gotten Mobile Apps NAILED!

Ibtikar has a huge portfolio of mobile apps that influences and improves users’ lives every single minute all around Saudi Arabia. From Governments, enterprises, brands to service providers, Ibtikar’s creations truly dominate.

  • Need Multiple Platforms? We got them!

We develop native mobile apps for Android, iOS (iPhone/iPad), Windows Phone 10, Blackberry and HTML5. We develop enterprise web applications and content management systems. Such diversity of expertise in different technologies is what makes Ibtikar your ultimate destination for an IT partner.

  • We Re-Invent the Agile Movement

Complete transparency, quick turnarounds and the ultimate level of quality come through Ibtikar’s commitment to becoming the top software company in Saudi Arabia applying the Scrum Agile methodology in software development.

  • Diversity for the WIN!

With over 70 talents in the fields of software development, design, business, research among others, Ibtikar boasts a diverse group of creative professionals that only keeps on getting bigger.

  • It is not just TECH!

For your design, business, sales, marketing and –of course- technology needs, you will always have a trusted advisor with actionable insights within the Ibtikar team.

  • No Testing? Not us.

We will only deliver fully-tested and functional builds to our clients, with an essentially optimal focus on the end user’s experience. We only aim to exceed every single client’s wildest dreams and optimum expectations.

  • It is all Confidential, no matter what.

We only function by a strict Code of Ethics. Because the relationship with our client matters most to us, we develop transparent processes to protect their interests at all cost.

  • We know the Market Inside Out

We have been on the market long enough to know what works and what doesn’t work. With a unique focus on social listening and constant user feedback, Ibtikar knows every user’s expectations, needs and preferences and we strive to bring it all to them every single time.

  • Around the Clock Support

It doesn’t end with the product launch; we work on building on the successful launch with continuous support through significant fixations, issues analysis and resolution, on-call support and new releases and updates.