The moment they got under way to plan their business, FIX team have decided to choose Ibtikar Technologies as their trusted partner and technical advisor that shall help them kickstart their business. We instantly grasped the idea and received it with great enthusiasm, feeling grateful to be the technical arm of such a great business.

FIX is more than a mobile app, it is an integrated service helping individuals to find and manage various maintenance service agents to get things fixed at home or work. And it helps service providers to be contracted, paid and reviewed. It’s an advanced medium that helps bridge the gap between professional service providers & consumers.

With such a great value for the community and such profound passion that FIX team had for their business, Ibtikar was more than keen on the success of this application, supporting it to reach higher ends.

FIX is a one-stop solution for all maintenance problems. Get the app on all platforms.

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